NASHUA, N.H., Sept. 18, 2018  — Today,, a service to transact Bitcoin Cash (BCH) using text messages, expanded service to four new countries in Europe including Belgium, Ireland, Finland, and Lithuania.

CoinText is a full-featured cryptocurrency wallet that doesn’t require Internet, apps, accounts, or passwords. Because wallets are accessed using Short Message Service (SMS) instead of a software app, it works with any type of mobile phone including iPhone, Samsung, Android, and even old Nokia flip phones.

“CoinText is an adoption engine,” explained CoinText Founder and CTO Vin Armani. “You can introduce friends to cryptocurrency simply by texting money to their phone. They receive the funds in a new wallet with a welcome message and instructions.”

CoinText users control their wallet with simple text commands like BALANCE and RECEIVE. Users can send funds to phone numbers or BCH addresses by texting commands like SEND $1 PHONENUMBER or SEND $1 BCHADDRESS. Transactions are nearly instant.

Users get a wallet by texting START to an access number, or when cryptocurrency is sent to their phone by another user. CoinText access numbers for the new countries in Europe are now active for public use.

Belgium – 32460225732
Ireland – 353861803183
Finland – 3584573976101
Lithuania – 37066841321

“We are adding more countries and languages each week,” Armani said. “Our goal is to reach over five billion people in their native language by the end of 2018.”

With this expansion, CoinText now services seventeen countries with a total population of around 770 million people, the company said.

*Population stats

About CoinText
CoinText is a for-purpose FinTech company making cryptocurrency easy to use as money. CoinText is the first full-featured SMS cryptocurrency wallet that doesn’t require apps, accounts, passwords, or Internet. The service offers frictionless onboarding to the cryptocurrency ecosystem for anyone with a text-enabled phone. CoinText is built on a foundation designed for a full suite of cryptocurrency solutions including touchless payments, streaming money, and for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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